Remo History



The history of Remo starts in 1951! 2 brothers Camille and Gustaaf D’Huyvetter started a poultry factory in Brecht and a food store in the city center of Antwerp.

In 1963 REMO was founded, named after Camille’s son Remon and Gustaaf’s daughter Monique. Raymond was also doing transport to Germany with living chicken.

In 1973 the factory moved to the new location in Tilburgbaan 75 Brecht.

In 1990 the poultry factory stopped the slaughtering business and opened a new warehouse on the  current location. The business changed into supply of fresh meat and a wide range of products for the Chinese restaurants.

In 1984 Raymond’s wife Liliane joined the company, together  they managed the business till 2017

After more than 50 years, Sarah and Johan took over the business in 2018.

REMO  supplies more than 200 Chinese restaurants, in Flanders and Wallonia,  on a weekly base.

Do not hesitate to contact us! Remo stands for customer satisfaction and reliability of delivery.